Australia and the Netherlands want to hear Russia

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok reported on March 27 about a trilateral meeting between Russia, the Netherlands and Australia on the situation around the Boeing MH-17 crash in the Donbas. However, he noted that he could not disclose the details of the negotiations, since confidentiality in this situation is vital. However, the Dutch politician said that the main aim for him was to find the truth and achieve justice.

Discussion of the topic of the MH-17 incident with only two countries out of five that are part of the joint investigative team JIT with a high level of confidentiality leads to certain thoughts. One of the main questions are: why they negotiate with Russia outside the framework of the JIT and what is the goal of Australia and the Netherlands?

The main initiators of the creation of the investigative group were Ukraine and the United States, which are biased against Russia. This is probably why Malaysia was initially not included in the investigation team because of its neutral position in relation to the Kremlin. Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Locke, in an interview with Channel News Asia, stated that there is no convincing evidence to accuse Russia based on JIT data. This statement was a response to promulgated preliminary findings, in which investigators place full blame for the crash of MH-17 on Moscow. Therefore, Washington and Kiev tried to ignore Kuala Lumpur, even though the crashed plane belonged to a Malaysian company. In addition, among the dead were 43 Malaysian citizens. Malaysia was able to join the investigation as a full member only a few months later. Kuala Lumpur for this even had to go to the refusal to cooperate with the Security Council of the Netherlands, leading a technical investigation. As a result, on November 28, 2014, the prosecutor's office of the Netherlands informed Malaysia that it would be accepted into the JIT as a full member.

It seems that JIT has become a tool in the hands of the United States and Ukraine in the fight against Russia. The latest report, in which they once again accused Moscow, was based on materials provided by a group of independent journalists from Bellingcat headquartered in the UK. That source collects and analyzes data from the Internet. Accordingly, one cannot be 100% sure of it authenticity. However, their version was taken as a basis, and the remaining versions were almost ignored.

The start of trilateral negotiations between Australia, the Netherlands and Russia indicates that some members of the investigation team have realized the inadmissibility of the investigation based solely on the accusations of the Russian leadership. At the same time, the strong influence of Washington and Kiev within the framework of the JIT prevents the other members of the investigation team from adequately assessing alternative versions of the crash.

Most likely, Canberra and Amsterdam decided to meet with Moscow outside the JIT format because no one could stop them from hearing the Kremlin’s opinion about the perpetrators of the MH-17 crash. Obviously, therefore, all the details of the negotiations are classified. Meeting participants do not want Washington to interfere in the search for truth. At the same time, Australia and the Netherlands proved themselves to be independent countries, having decided to meet with Russia without US participation. Thus, they proved that their main goal is to uphold justice and search for truth to find the real perpetrators.