Singapore Airlines plane suffers damage on landing in Yangon airport

A Singapore Airlines (SIA) plane was undergoing repairs after suffering damage due to a "suspected tail strike" in Myanmar last Monday (Nov 25). 

SIA spokesperson said that flight SQ998 from Singapore was landing in Yangon International Airport when the incident happened. 

A tail strike is when the tail of a plane comes into contact with the runway either during takeoff or landing. 

"The aircraft taxied to the terminal uneventfully and all passengers disembarked normally".

Engineers assessed the damage to the Airbus A330-300 and a relief aircraft was sent to Yangon to operate the return flight SQ997, the spokesperson said, adding that the plane departed at 6.23pm (local time).  

"SIA will cooperate closely with the AAIB and also conduct its own internal investigation," added the spokesperson.