The working “scheme” hasn’t worked

Last week, the witness in the MH17 crash case, re-qualified by the Dutch side as a suspect, Vladimir Tsemakh told “Rossiya Segodnya” what had happened to him in the Ukrainian pre-trial detention center.

During a conversation with a journalist, he explained that representatives of foreign competent authorities were present at his interrogations in addition to the staff of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Vladimir Tsemakh noted that before a conversation with representatives of Australia and the Netherlands, one of the employees of the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office threatened him with a life sentence, saying that Kiev would not include his name in the list of prisoners to be exchanged.

In their turn, foreign investigators, in exchange for evidence against Russia, offered him to take part in a witness protection program, promised citizenship and a house in the Netherlands, but Tsemakh refused.

This interview makes it clear what is the way the group of foreign investigators works with key witnesses in the case.
It can be assumed that Ukrainian dispatcher of the Dnepropetrovsk airport Anna Petrenko, who followed up the МН17 flight on the day of the tragedy, and photographer Pavel Aleinikov, who captured the condensation trail from a missile that supposedly shot down the airplane, they got into a similar program.

The dispatcher disappeared the day after the tragedy. As is known from the web she had gone on vacation in the UAE, but no one had heard of her again. It’s also quite strange that there is no information available about her interrogations by representatives of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine or their colleagues from the Netherlands and Australia. As for the photographer, Pavel Aleinikov disappeared after a while, having managed to give a series of interviews to reporters. It’s remarkable that there is also no information about his conversation with the investigation team. It seems this is the way the witness protection system works.

It is also noteworthy that the Bellingcat, known for its scrupulous investigations, does not even try to search for Anna Petrenko and Pavel Aleinikov. And their information could greatly help the investigation and bring it closer to its logical conclusion.

It is possible they agreed to the same terms that the investigators offered to Tsemakh and will suddenly appear at the hearings in March 2020 and will witness against Russia in exchange for a house and citizenship of the Netherlands.