A helping evening for the National Monument MH17

Hundreds of attendees took part in the commemorating evening at the National Monument MH17 at Park Vijfhuizen. An evening where the memory is in the center. Lights were lit, flowers were laid and people were quiet.

To be able to be with their loved ones in mind, to listen to poems, to the beautiful songs of Annet Bootsman and Sandra Been, listen to 10-year-old Lucy read the children's story 'The death of Grandpa Mouse'. It was cold, a light wind was blowing this dark November evening. "Can I go to you then". With this last song people got together, warmed themselves up and experienced that the evening, an initiative of the Friends of the National Monument MH17, works healing.

The van der Peijl family is well represented. Of the eleven children that this Five-house family has 'very special, we are all still there', ten have come to the Lichtjesavond with their other halfs.

About 400 tripods were made so that just as many lights could continue to burn on the monument. That sight alone gives goose bumps. An impressive sight such as the monument and the paths were illuminated that evening. Some people who did not have relatives on board laid flowers to the monument too.

Gerard Harke from Zwanenburg and his girlfriend Raili had done that for everyone they miss. Gerard had done a walk on the monument earlier during the day. But that will soon change. The memorial must also be impressive during the day.