Malaysian Boeing crash: Brexit Party Candidate Thinks Different

Mitchell Feierstein, the Brexit Party’s candidate for Reading East, an Anglo-American writer and hedge fund manager. He has also written columns for the Evening Standard, the Independent, the Daily Mail, and the Times of Israel.

Feierstein says, there must be not only one point of view when it comes to the MH17 plane crash. Specialists often forget about the role of Ukrainian government in this accident.

In spite Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee wrote that Russian attempts to claim they had no role in the crash was "an outright falsehood", Feierstein has repeatedly dismissed evidenced allegations that the Russian government provided the surface-to-air launcher that was used by Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine to shoot down the Malaysian MH17 passenger flight in July 2014.

Feierstein also said earlier, that his brother worked at the Pentagon as a colonel, so he might have some exclusive sources of information.