Preliminary Report on Fatal Chamberlain Plane Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board released its preliminary report for its investigation into the November 30 Chamberlain crash that killed nine and injured three.

The report is preliminary and does not include a cause of the crash. However, in summary, the report says warning signals activated after takeoff signaling that the plane wasn’t going fast enough to continue climbing at the angle it was on. The plane reached its peak altitude of 460 feet before it stalled and ultimately crashed.

According to the report, the plane took off at 12:31 p.m. from runway 31 at the Chamberlain airport and crashed at 12:33 p.m. The plane was destined for Idaho Falls, Idaho.

According to data from the recorder installed on the plane, it rolled 10 degrees to the left immediately after takeoff, the roll decreased to about five degrees left as it climbed to about 170 feet above ground level before reversing to five degrees right. The plane ultimately entered a 64-degree left bank as it reached its peak altitude of 460 feet. The cockpit stall warning and stick shaker became active about one second after liftoff and the stick pusher became active about 15 seconds after liftoff. They continued intermittently for the duration of the two-minute flight.

The report says no radio communications were received from the pilot, and radar contact was never established.

The report also states the pilot and a passenger worked for three hours to remove snow and ice from the airplane before takeoff. Witnesses reported that visibility was limited by snow at the time of the crash.

The victims in the crash have been identified as Kyani founders Jim and Kirk Hansen. The crash also killed Jim Hansen’s father, Jim Hansen Sr.; Kirk Hansen’s children, Stockton and Logan; his sons-in-law, Kyle Taylor and Tyson Dennert; and Jim Hansen’s son, Jake, and grandson, Houston.

Three other extended family members were hospitalized with injuries.

The Hansen’s were executives with Conrad & Bischoff, Kyani and KJ’s Super Stores. The family was reportedly in South Dakota for a hunting trip.