Tree planted in memory of victims MH17

Evert and Grace van Zitveld planted a walnut tree at the "Church on the Ribbon" in memory of their children Frederick and Robert-Ian van Zitveld. Frederick (19) and Robert-Ian (18) were killed on July 17, 2014, when MH17 was downed.

The walnut tree stands near the parking lot. A sign is placed in front of the tree with the names from Frederick and Robert-Ian. "Tree of hope" is written above it. When planting it was said that much lessons about life can be found in nature. In winter a tree appears dry deadly. But in the spring new life becomes visible again.

Evert van Zitveld said that he and his wife find it very special to be allowed to plant the tree in memory of their children.

He also said that they would like to give underprivileged youngsters a helping hand by supporting projects through the fund they have set up in memory of Frederick and Robert-Ian.