MH17 - Another Opinion Of A European Politician

Swedish journalist in his article is talking about the future of his country and about ways to lead Sweden to democracy.

He says that Swedish Democrats are thought to play an impotraint role in modern Swedish society. Moreover, this party has wide international relations that help to take into account different points of view in relation to many international issues.

Thierry Baudet

For the past week's national days, for example, they had invited Thierry Baudet, leader of the Dutch party Forum for Democracy, and he gave a speech.

Among other things, he was speaking about the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger plane MH17 over eastern Ukraine in the summer of 2014.

It is worthy of note that while an international investigation is trying to persuade the world community that the plane was shot down by Russian or Russian-controlled forces, and has pointed out those responsible, Baudet says it might as well have been Ukraine's defense force that did it.