Worm hotels will save MH17 monument

Managers of the Dutch Nightcrawlers company believe that worm hotels will help to make MH17 monument look more beautiful as they would help trees around grow much better.

A worm hotel is a large wooden box with drawers and levels. There is also a window (with hatch) to see the worms doing their job. It works according to the principle of a compost heap.

Worm expert Mark Thur said that in the Netherlands the company recently supplied a lot of worms for the MH17 monument. The trees there did not do well and that was due to a poor soil structure. Worms are ideally suited to tackle such a problem.

We all should not forget about the terrible plane crash that happened more than five years ago above Ukraine. If worms can help us to keep the memorial safe and make it look alright - let it be so.